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Кабели и переходники для PS TS, Digi One и асинхронных карт

Terminal and Device Server Accessories
Digi is now shipping an RJ-45 to DB-9F cable for Digi One RealPort, Digi One TS and PortServer TS 2/4 products.  The PortServer® II, and 
PortServer® TS 8/16 ship with RJ-45 to DB-9F, RJ-45 to DB-25F, and RJ-45 to RJ-45 Sun Netra Cables.  For extra
cables, the part numbers and prices are below.
DG76000631 6' cable RJ-45 to RJ-45 for Sun Netra/Cisco
DG76000632 6' cable RJ-45 to RJ-45 for Sun Netra/Cisco bundle of 8
DG76000633 6' cable RJ-45 to RJ-45 for Sun Netra/Cisco bundle of 16
DG76000129 RJ-45/DB-25-male 24-in cable (Straight through)
DG76000195 RJ-45/DB-25-male 48-in cable (Straight through)
DG76000644 RJ-45/DB-25-female 48-in cable (Crossover cable)
DG76000198 RJ-45/DB-25-female-24-in cable  (Straight through)
DG76000199 RJ-45/DB-25-female-48-in cable  (Straight through)
DG76000200 RJ-45/DB-9-female-24-in cable  (Straight through)
DG76000201 RJ-45/DB-9-female-48-in cable  (Straight through)
DG76000238 RJ-45/DB-25-male-48-in cable  (Crossover cable)
DG76000239 RJ-45/DB-9-male 24-in cable (Straight through)
DG76000240 RJ-45/DB-9-male 48-in cable (Straight through)
DG76000645 RJ-45/DB-9-female 48-in cable (Crossover cable)
DG76000643 RJ-45/DB-25-male 24-in printer cable (Crossover cable)
DG76000264 RJ-45/DB-9-male-48-in cable  (Crossover cable)
DG76000642 DB-9F/DB-9F 48-in cable (Crossover cable)
DG76000566 RJ-45 10-pin to RJ-45 8-pin Modem Cable for 3Com/USR, Compaq/Microcom, Hayes
Cable Adapters
These Cable Adapters are used with commercially available CAT 5 cable of any length.  Simply plug standard CAT 5 cable into your PortServer,
connect a Cable Adapter to the other end and plug the adapter into your device.  These adapters will work with Digi One TS, PortServer 2/4/8/16
PortServer II and all Multi-Port Serial Cards with RJ-46 connectors.
DG76000697 DB-9F Console Adapter, Bundle of four (4)
DG76000698 DB-25M Console Adapter, Bundle of four (4)
DG76000699 DB-25F Console Adapter, Bundle of four (4)
DG76000700 DB-25M Modem Adapter, Bundle of four (4)
DG76000701 DB-9M Modem Adapter, Bundle of four (4)
DG76000692 DB-25M Printer Adapter, Bundle of four (4)
Kit contains one of each of the adapters listed above
DG76000693 Cable Adapter Evaluation Kit plus Sun/Cisco cable and Ethernet/serial cable
The following part number is a package with a collection of Digi RJ45 (10-pin) cable legs (DB9, DB25, male, female, straight thru and crossover)
and an Ethernet RJ45 8 pin straight through cable.  This product is designed for customers who are unsure of the cable needed for their
applications.  The Cable Evaluation Kit for RJ45 Cables is intended to work with Digi Terminal Server, Digi Device Server and Digi Multiport serial 
products that use an RJ45 connector interface option. 
DG76000663 Cable Evaluation Kit for RJ45 connector options.